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What is the peroneal nerve?

The peroneal nerve is a portion of the sciatic nerve, which runs to the lower leg, foot and toes, providing movement and sensation to the area. If you have ever crossed your legs for a prolonged period of time and felt a tingling or numbness in your lower leg and foot, it is most likely due slight compression of the peroneal nerve.

What is peroneal nerve decompression?

In cases of prolonged compression, individuals may experience pain, numbness, and tingling, specifically in the top of the foot. It can also cause your foot to drop, leading to pain in your foot. Without being able to feel sensation in the top of the foot, individuals may unknowingly injure themselves in this area, causing additional issues. Individuals who are unaware their peroneal nerve is being compressed for long periods of time may consider themselves clumsy due to issues with walking and general lower leg weakness.

Treatment Options

Conservation treatment options for minor cases can include over-the-counter pain medication or steroidal injections to alleviate swelling and further compression. However, in more serious cases, patients may require surgery. The surgery itself can take around an hour to complete and requires several weeks of recovery time. However, many patients are able to begin light walking only a week after surgery.

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